How to Claim Rebate In Exported Goods


How to Submit Rebate Case In Weboc

Complete procedure to claim duty dray back in WeBoc? how to submit duty drawback case in WeBoc? and what documents are required to attach in WeBoc for submitting rebate case? these are frequently asked question that our reader asks from us. Therefore, In this article, we will try to give the answer of all questions which asked from us.

What is Drawback Duty or Rebate (Refund of import Fee)?

Rebate is also called Duty Drawback in Pakistan. Drawback Duty was a refund of duties paid on material which was previously imported and used here in the manufacture or production of goods for export out of Pakistan.

In Pakistan, the goal of the Drawback Duty is to encourage the export production, Stimulating foreign trade and assisting industrial sector.

How to Claim Rebate (Duty Draw Back) In Weboc?

In Weboc we claim duty drawback at the time of preparing export goods declaration (GD). In item information section where we add our goods details such as HS code, goods description, unit price, etc. Once you write hs code rebate will automatically show, according to your provided hs code (see below image) you just need to select any one rebate rate, for this match rebate description with your item description Let Suppose!

You want to export men`s 100% cotton dyed or Printed shirts so the rate would be 0.90 % of  FOB value in the same manner if you export white color`s shirt so the rate would be 0.43% of FOB value and for grey color shirts rate would 0.23 %.

If you hire any clearing agent so he will claim rebate according to your provided invoice at the time of creating Gd. If not so read this article to file export gd in WeBoc.

Image No.1

Duty Draw Back Rates on Exported Goods?

How to Submit Duty DrawBack Case in Weboc?

Here we see, how can we submit the rebate case in WeBoc , first of all, we will login in WeBoc using user id and password, Weboc homepage

Image No.2

Once you logged in, you will be redirected WeBoc`s main page where you see the different option appear on left side of the page now click the list of rebate GDS (as mention in the image below).

Image No.3
We have reached in the list of rebate Gds from where we will submit these GDs in the rebate department for claims duty drawback, now we need to open Gd that`s rebate we want to claim so click on the small circle before the Gd number(KPPE-SB-123456) in order to open Gd (as indication in below image no. 4)

Image No.4
Great job! You successfully open Gd for rebate claim in WeBoc, this is a place from where we can see complete details of the Gd including rebate amount (in rebate details section sees image no. 5 for reference.), Here we will also attach required documents which are necessary for rebate claim so click upload document button (see image no. 7 for help).

Image No.5

What documents are Required for Rebate Claim in Weboc?

Before submitting any rebate case we need to collect some document first which are given below.

  • Invoice
  • Form-E 
  • BL (Bill of Lading)
  • BCA (Bank Credit Advices)
  • Undertaking ( Download Undertaking Format , Fill this & print on your company`s letterhead ) 

  • If you submit rebate claim without uploading these required documents. So Assessment Officer of Rebate will hold your claim and put-call documents in WeBoc until you do not upload these required documents, therefore it would be better if you have already uploaded these documents to save from call document hold in weboc.
    Once you click upload documents button it will redirect you to the page as mention in below image no. 6 where we upload documents such as invoice, bl, bca, undertaking etc.

    Our first step would be select document type i.e
    • If you are uploading invoice so select invoice and click Browse button to upload file.
    • For uploading undertaking so select undertaking and click Browse button to upload file.
    • If you want to select bl, so select document type other and type bill of lading in the Remarks (if any), why we selected other even through we are going to upload BL, because the bl option is not included in provide option in document type.
    • In a same manner we will upload bca.
    After selecting file, press attached image button to save, now repeat this process for other documents.

    Image No.6
    Finally we have uploaded all relative documents, now click submit claim button to submit rebate claim. 

    Image No.7

    How to Check Rebate Gds Status?

    In order to check duty drawback status of submitted Gds, Again we need to login weboc using user id and password, After login click GD Monitoring as mention in image no.8, now see Gd status column next to Gd number, its Gds current status. 

    Image No.8

    Status of Rebate Gds and their meaning?

    Gd`s Status in Weboc Meaning
    1- Assigned to AO For Rebate Verification Gd sent to the assessment officer to verify rebate and check required documents
    2- Assigned to AC/DC Rebate For Rebate Verification Gd sent to Assistant Collector or Deputy Collector of Rebate, He will also verify your rebate against Gd and your provided documents

    3- Claim sanctioned, marked for cheque preparation The claim has been approved and a cheque will prepare soon

    4- Cheque printed Congratulation your rebate claim`s cheque has been printed soon you will receive it.

    Anything You Did Not Understand?

    if there is anything that you did n’t understand about this post and ask something so please comment below without any hesitation I will be happy to help you and don’t forget to share it if you thinks it’s useful, God bless you !

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    1. do we need to file claim against every GD separately where no of GDs is 40-60 per month and worth is USD 500-1500?

      Business: Printing Services (Paper and Paperboard printing)

      1. Yes! You will have to submit claims separately against every GD

    2. what is the time frame (period) of applying rebate cases.210 Days in weboc or not?

    3. in my weboc i dont have GD monitoring, instead of this i have Rebate GD List for Acceptance. and in this i dont see any rebate GD status which i applies previously.

      1. I think its your browser issue, Kindly install latest version of internet explorer, after installation, if you face the same problem so contact Weboc Support in this regard (Help Line No.021-99210395).

      2. How to re uploading of rebate UNDERTAKING after received objection. (document is called against GD)

      3. how to re load undertaking after objection

      4. After Login In WeBoc, Click On Left Side Bar`s 9th Option (Document(s) Requested) then upload the required documents and submit it, that all!


      1. Its not Weboc System`s Issues, if you claim rebate at the time of filing GD so it must be shown in realization amount,

    5. Thank You very much but I am having a problem while filing rebate and i need your help
      When i submit, a message in red appears "Realized against BCA should not be less than equal to zero"
      and the value of Realized against BCA is currently showing as "0" and its not editable.

      1. We also received many complaints related to this issue, I think it Weboc System`s Issue Therefore, Please Contact WeBoc Support 021-34599345 & 021-99210395. They help guide you to sort out your issue.

      2. contact to your bank if you see message like Realized against BCA should not be less than equal to zero" your bank will add the prc amount in the weboc

    6. When i click the submit button, a message in red appears which says "Realized against BCA should not be less than equal to zero "
      While the value of Realizaed against BCA is "0" and it is not editable. What to do in this context.

      1. Please Contact WeBoc Support 021-34599345 & 021-99210395.

    7. when I enter Zero (O) in commissioner. It is not working and appear this error
      "Realized against BCA should not be less than equal to zero"
      Please guide

    8. Hello can you please confirm how much time we have to file a claim before it becomes time bard

    9. Hello, when i click on the small circle before the Gd number it does not opens up GD but logs me out from weboc. any help on this how can i solve this ?

      1. Clear your browser`s data i.e cached, history, cookies, then restart your computer, if you face the same problem after restarting, so please contact WeBoc Support 021-34599345 & 021-99210395.

    10. Respected Sir, w have uploaded many Rebate cases without Undertaking & E-Forms, we upload just invoice BL/AWB and PRD... So what should we do now for previous cases.. can we apply that cases again in any condition..??? I Hope you understand our matter. Looking for early response... Thank You Sir

    11. Hi Sir,
      Can I use airway bill instead of b/l because I made my all shipments as courier and cif base?
      Also what is bca meaning?
      Kindly answer me to guide.

      Intizar Hussain

    12. Hi Sir,
      Canyou explain bca meaning in detail?
      Also within how much time I can aplly for rebate?
      Intizar Hussain

      1. Q1) Can you explain bca meaning in detail?

        BCA stand For Bank Credit Advice, and your bank will issue this, in CBA bank will mention your shipment details i.e exporter name & address, term of shipment, invoice amount, net amount realized etc...

        Q2) how much time I can apply for rebate?
        Once the cargo shipped from terminal so you can submit your rebate case in weboc

    13. Thank you for the helpful explanation! while I was submitting a claim, it said I need to enter the date of realization. what is the date of realization? is it referring to when the container was shipped?

      Also, I have GDs backing from 2012. Is it too late to submit a rebate claim on them?
      Thank you!

    14. Dear sir when i upload all documents then i wrote realization date but it shows invalid MR date so kindly help me out and tell me what to do ? ? ?

    15. In case of Wrong Uploaded Document(having error in it),Submitted rebate claim. what is the procedure to correct it.

    16. Aoa sir,
      What is the %age of rebate garment exporters get per order
      Can u plz provide a list or
      Give me the link so i could cheak that how much rebate i am going to get for my next export order.



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