Difference Between Commercial Importer, and Industrial Importer (Manufacturer) in Pakistan

Hi Readers!, Today we are going to explain here the difference between commercial importer, and industrial importer (Manufacturer) in Pakistan, we received so many emails asking us about the definition of the commercial and industrial importer in Pakistan.

What is Commercial Importer in Pakistan

FBR`s official definition of 'commercial importer in Pakistan'. As per new definition, 'commercial importer' means “any registered person who imports goods for the purpose of further supply in the same state to any other person”

What is Industrial Importer in Pakistan

Definition of Manufacturer Importer in Pakistan
The definition of 'Industrial importer in Pakistan', 'Industrial importer' means “any registered person who imports goods for the purpose of manufacturing”

Why Government All Exemptions and Benefits gives Industrial Importers only!

The government gives all benefits and Exemptions to industrial importers because whatever they import here in Pakistan just for sake of manufacturer purpose and increase export goods production.

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