Reproducing the notification that we received in our Weboc System on 02/05/2015 


No.SI/MISC/01/2014 (BG Cell)                         Dated: 30.04.2015



It has been observed that number of securities are still pending in the Bank Guarantee Cell of MCC Appraisement (West). This pendency / non release of securities after the stipulated time period, Prima facie,  implies that the importers have not fulfilled the conditions laid down in the notification under which security was obtained which has become liable to encashment. In order to avoid any hardship to the importers through outright encashment of securities, a public notice was earlier issued on 13.03.2015. This notice was also transmitted electronically through message in the inbox of importers / clearing agents. Response from that side has not been encouraging. Despite cited non-responsiveness, instead of proceeding for encashment of security, a last and final opportunity is being afforded to prove that the conditions laid down in the relevant SRO have been fulfilled and security is not encashable. In this regard, all importers and their authorized clearing agents are advised in their own interest for the following:

(a) Review at their own all pending securities deposited with the Bank Guarantee Cell of the Collectorate which still have not been released from this side. They are requested to intimate the current status regarding the fulfillment of conditions laid down in the relevant SRO of each security to the BG cell so that release or encashment of security instrument is decided.

(b) In case the conditions/formalities laid down in the SRO notification under which security was deposited have already been fulfilled and intimated to concerned section, then proof of such intimation may be provided afresh to BG Cell so that securities may be released.

(c) In case there is any change in particulars of an importer like address, bank account details, ownership etc, the same should be intimated to BG Cell immediately. BG Cell is issuing/dispatching notices on available addresses and in case of return or non-delivery of notices, the security instruments shall be encashed without further notice.

(d) Ensure that sufficient amount, not less than the amount of security instruments deposited in BG Cell, is available in their given bank accounts. In case, securities/cheques are returned due to in sufficient balance or any other reason, this Collectorate would initiate penal proceedings as provided under law of the land.

2. All concerned are reminded that the Collectorate has to take decisions, therefore, above information must be furnished before 15th May 2015 failing which all related processes including encashment of security instruments shall be initiated as per available record and without any further notice form this side.

       (Mohammad Saleem)
Copy for information to:-
1. The Member (Customs), Federal Board of Revenue, Islamabad.
2. The Chief Collector of Customs, Appraisement (South), Custom House, Karachi.
3. The Chief Collector of Customs, Enforcement (South), Custom House, Karachi.
4. The Chief Collector of Customs, Appraisement (Central), Custom House, Nabha Road, Lahore.
5. The Chief Collector of Customs, Appraisement (North), Plot No.24, Sector G-9/I, Mauve Area, Islamabad.
6. The Collector, MCC Appraisement (East), Custom House, Karachi.
7. The Collector, MCC Port Muhammad Bin Qasim, Karachi.
8. The Deputy Collector, MIS-I, MCC Appraisement (West), Karachi for dispatch of this notice to all registered importers and clearing agents through WeBOC.
9. The Federation of Pakistan Chamber of Commerce and Industry (FPCCI), Federation House, Clifton, Karachi.
10. The Karachi Chamber of Commerce and Industry, I.I Chundrigar Road, Karachi.
11. The Karachi Customs Agents Association, Karachi.
12. Notice Board for information of all concerned.

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