IGM Pakistan

IGM Pakistan

Now get details of FBR`s import general manifest easily , here we can view vessel, IGM Number, PORT, Index Number, Arrival Date, Berth, we can also IGM view details or IGM tracking from Just Clicking on IGM No.

Note: Here if IGM having 0 index so have no details to view.
MCC-Appraisement (WEST) MCC-Appraisement (EAST)
Karachi Appraisement Collectorate
KAPR = Karachi Appraisement)
(KOSK = MCC Preventive Oil Section Keamari)
Mcc - Import Bulk East/West
(KEWB = MCC Imports East Bulk - WeBOC)
(KWWB = MCC Imports West Bulk - WeBOC)
Port Mohammad Bin Qasim
(KPQI/KPPI = Port Mohammad Bin Qasim)
Mcc - Import Bulk Port Qasim
(PQIB = MCC Imports Port Qasim-BULK - WeBOC)

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